Herb The Stinging Nettle

Herb of the Week - The Stinging Nettle

Gathered lots of nettle from the paddock today hanging up to dry out.  With the fresh nettle I made nettle pesto and nettle soup and placed Calendula on the top.


The Stinging Nettle

By Paula Harrison © 2023

I am the stinging nettle, my official name is Urtica dioica,
You have no doubt passed me many times,
But ignored me, looked at me as a weed and a pest,
Pulled me out and thrown me aside.

But low and behold I am a delight to be found,
As I am one of the most amazing herbs to be found.
Make a cup of tea with me every day, or put me in your food,
And you will see for yourself,
How you will thrive inside and out.

I will sharpen your mind,
Nourish your blood, nerves and bones,
Strengthen your kidneys and lungs,
And energise your adrenals,
Improve your immunity,

As I am rich in vitamins and minerals.
So, when you brush past me again,
Watch out for my sting and pick me with care,
Put me in a dish or drink a cuppa with me,
And enjoy the delights I will share.

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